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Expansion tanks, water heaters, cooling systems, etc. flamco

More than 10 years NEW TECHNOLOGIES GROUP has been supplying automatic pressure maintenance units, feeders, water heaters, expansion tanks, air and sludge separators, safety valves. Our extensive expertise and using components from leading manufacturers is the main reason why the customers choose us.
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FLAMCO is a world leader in the production of equipment for heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems, household and drinking water supply systems, and refrigeration systems.
  • production

    Development, production and sale of high-quality components used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

    Fault prevention, maximum reliability, optimization of the logistics chain, maximum contact with the market, continuous improvement.

    Continuous work on improving the products, increasing their energy efficiency and reliability. Using intelligent solutions.

FLAMCO catalog

Automatic pressure maintenance units, feeders, water heaters, expansion tanks, air and sludge separators, safety valves
  • Expansion tanks FLAMCO
    Expansion tanks
    Flexcon, Cubex, Contra-Flex, etc.
  • Membrane tanks FLAMCO
    Membrane tanks
    Flamco Airfix A/B/D/E/P, etc.
  • Pressure maintenance systems FLAMCO
    Pressure maintenance systems
    Flexcon M-K/U, M-K/C, M-K/S, etc.
  • Water heaters and storage devices FLAMCO
    Water heaters and storage devices
    Supastor, Solar, LS, PS, Flamco, etc.
  • Air vents and separators FLAMCO
    Air vents and separators
    Flexvent, Flamco, Flexair, etc.
  • Flamco T-Plus Connection FLAMCO
    Flamco T-Plus Connection
    T-Plus Cast Iron, T-Plus Brass, etc.
  • Additional equipment FLAMCO
    Additional equipment
    for heaters and storage devices

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  • FLAMCO EQUIPMENT от производителя Flamco
  • Automatic FLAMCO pressure maintenance units производства Flamco
    Automatic FLAMCO pressure maintenance units


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